PHP 5.5 on CentOS

There is more than one way to upgrade CentOS 6.5 to PHP 5.5; the following is a suggestion only. Consult a reference for additional options.

To upgrade to PHP 5.5:

  1. Enter the following commands in the order shown.
    yum -y update
    rpm -Uvh
    yum -y remove php-common-5.3.3-40.el6_6.x86_64
    yum -y install php55w php55w-opcache
    yum -y install php55w-xml php55w-mcrypt php55w-gd php55w-devel php55w-mysql php55w-intl php55w-mbstring
    yum -y update
  2. Restart Apache: service httpd restart
  3. Continue with the next section.

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