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Prepare Sequencer and test Client for App-V

To make your Sequence machine as clean as possible you need to do the following (and also do htem on your test client):

Stop the following services:

  • Windows Defender
  • Windows Error reporting
  • Windows Firewall
  • Windows Search
  • Windows Update (make sure both the Seqeuenser en client are up to date at the same level)

Configur the following:

  • System Protecion
    • Off
  • Action Settings
    • All messages off
  • UAC
    • Off
  • DEP
    • Bcdedit /set nx alwaysoff
  • AERO
    • Off
  • Printer
    • Create a dummy printer
  • ODBC
    • Create a dummy ODBC connection
  • Internet Explorer

    • Fisrt use settings
    • Delete history and temp files on exit
    • Blank Page
    • Tab settings
  • Log Files
    • Clean Windows log files
  • Windows Explorer
    • Make extensions visable
    • Advanced sharing

Storage guy going App-v

OK. This week for serious. Going for App-v. After first doing the necessary (Pre)-Intakes, this week finally going for Packaging.

Nice for a Linux guy, doing Windows ‘debugging’.

However. A very nice step for me and still wishing to learn more. Tomorrow an other day.

App-V …. Here I come :-)