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Fortigate get Update Status via CLI

To get the update from a FortiGate via the CLI:

get sys perf stat

FortiGate Access Slave in HA mode

To change from the Primary to the Secondary Fortigate:

execute ha manage 1


To change from the Secondary to the Primary:

execute ha manage 0


Sophos HA Slaves stuck in Syning.

Step 1: Login to master node, su to root
Step 2: Open a new ssh window, login to master again, su to root
Step 3: On 2nd window, enter: ha_utils ssh
Step 4: In the 2nd window, login to slave as loginuser, then su to root
Step 5: On both ssh windows, enter: killall repctl
Step 6: On both ssh windows, enter: /etc/init.d/postgresql92 rebuild
Step 7: After database rebuilds, enter on both ssh windows: repctl

Now reboot the slave.

NOTE: You’ll loose reporting data for the passed time.