Newly installed P4330 Lefthand node does not want to join Management group

Today I had to add 2 P4330 nodes to an already existing P4300G2 management group.

Both P4300G2 systems and P4330 systems where on FW level 11.5.
When adding them to the management group an error occurred:

Storage system did not join the management group <GROUPNAME>.
Failed to sync newly added system. Remove the newly added system and try to add it again.

Als the system gave me following error:
“Storage System Status Missing”

Searching the internet I got to a page that indicated that there could be a subnet mask mismatch.
Checking this I came to the conclusion that all was OK. So the “SAN”switches, subnet mask, VLANning.
I made a call with HP.

Seems that some P4x30 systems with FW level 11..5 loaded from the factory have a BUG in the system that gives this result.

So please make sure, if you have this error, you do a Re-Image of the system (keep license key at hand) and re-do the settings you made earlier.
But this will solve your error.

Have Fun!

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