Installing HPPP on vMA

Upload the HPPP_x.xx.xx_Linux_X64.rpm to the vMA (/tmp) (with winSCP of FASTscp)

> sudo -s
> rpm -i hppp-linux-1.02.028-1.x86_64.rpm

Starting Power Protector: HP-HPPP[ OK ]

Check if the service is indeed listening on it’s ports:
> netstat -tanp | grep LISTEN
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 7813/HP-HPPP
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 7813/HP-HPPP
tcp 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN 2082/sshd

Default the vMA does not have ports 4679 (http) en 4680 (https) open

Configure communication between HPPP and the HP Network Module:
> sudo -s
> iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp –dport 80 -j ACCEPT
> iptables -I INPUT -p tcp –dport 4679 -j ACCEPT
> iptables -I INPUT -p tcp –dport 4680 -j ACCEPT
> iptables -I INPUT -p udp –dport 4679 -j ACCEPT
> iptables -I INPUT -p udp –dport 4680 -j ACCEPT
> iptables -I OUTPUT -p udp –dport 4679 -j ACCEPT
> iptables -I OUTPUT -p udp –dport 4680 -j ACCEPT

> service iptables save
> iptables-save

Now you can connect with a web-browser.
Also the commi=unication between the vMA HPPP and the UPS is restored.

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