FortiClient can’t connect over dail-up VPN to remote site

After upgrading from 5.2.x or 5.4.x to 5.6.2 it is possible that FortiClient VPN connected clients can not access a remote site over VPN anymore from the FortiGate that they are connecting to.
The local LAN is accessible, but the remote LAN is not.

It seems there is a routing issue in the 5.6.2 OS. If you do

# execute traceroute <ip-address>

you will see the first IP adres beeing an IP address that is not defined in the Dail-up FortiGate.

You must add a static route at the remote site with the IP range of the IPsec client IP adresses.


# diagnose sniffer packet <interface> 'host <ip adress>'

you must see a ping request and reply on both the source FortiGate and the remote FortiGate.

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