Answers to EVA4400 and WOCP questions


I’ve looked at the origin of all the search actions that came to my blog site. I can give following answers to most questions:

Q: What is the default IP address of the WOCP of an EVA4400.
A: The default IP address of the WOCP is


Q: I lost my IP address of the WOCP, how can I recover it.
A: The main way is to go to your EVA4400. On the management module there is a little reset button. Press it (with a pen) until the network leds go off. Now it is set back to it’s default IP address.


Q: I can ping the IP address of the EVA, but do not get a web-site.
A: To access the CVE (Command View EVA), you should connect via: (where the IP address is of the WOCP). To connect to the WOCP, you should connect via: (where the IP address is of the WOCP)


Q: I want to upgrade my EVA4400 from a Pre 09520000 firmware. What should I do.
A: First get hold of the latest firmware for your EVA4400 (at moment of writing this it is 0953400 (this should also include the firmware upgrade for the WOCP)). Get hold of the latest hard disk firmware (at moment of writing this it is the bundle from 27 August 2010), and you need CVE (Command View EVA) 9.2.1 or up.
The firmware upgrade from a Pre 09520000 firmware is an OFFLINE upgrade. This means you have to SHUTDOWN the EVA after the firmware upgrade has been done.
Start with informing the users you will do the upgrade and you have AT LEAST 4 hours time.
Second make sure no other I/O will be generated by users, hosts, backup etc.
Start with the upgrade to CVE 9.1 (or above). This will alter some indexes on the metadata in the EVA. After upgrading to CVE 9.1 (or above), the EVA can not be managed again with CVE 8.x or lower.
Now make sure you have an SSSU “capture configuration” of you EVA. Some upgrades mess up the Vdisk naming.
Now start the firmware upgrade. First check your EVA is in good condition. So no warning signs, strange log issues and it is checked for it’s full redundancy.
Start the firmware upgrade. It will also upgrade the firmware of ALL the I/O modules inside the EVA. When you “think” the upgrade is complete. Take a BIG cup of coffee, and take a walk around the building. This just to make sure you take the time for the firmware to land inside the I/O modules. When the upgrade is complete, all I/O modules should give you firmeware version 0085. Some will not give you a good serial number read-out. So now we do the shutdown.
If all is shutdown propperly, start the enclosures and wait for all drives to spin-up. Now start the controller enclosure and head back to your management server. Wait for the EVA to come online and check again the I/O modules and the Vdisk names. If all OK, proceed. If not. CALL HP (or your nearby HP partner).
Now upgrade the WOCP to firmware (If you do not have management server, this would be your first step. (no reboot needed))
Now upgrade the firmware of all the harddisks.
If all goes well you have a very stable working EVA4400.


Q: I want to upgrade my EVA4400 from a 09522xxxxx  firmware. What should I do.
A: This is an ONLINE upgrade. You should already have CVE 9.2.1 (or above) running. If not, install it (9.3 recommended). Upgrade to the new firmware. Check again ifyour system is the same. Just in case upgrade the hard disks again. If upgrade is not needed, CVE will tell you.

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