Advanced Settings for VMware HA

There are some Advanced Settings that you can change from within your VMware HA Cluster.

By default the Service Console portgroup is used for failure detection. By entering in das.AllowNetwork you can specify an additional portgroup to use.

By default VMware HA nodes check heartbeats of other nodes . When this heartbeat is lost the suspected Isolated nodes then pings its Service Console gateway by default to check that it is truly isolated. By using the das.isolationAddress command, you can add additional IP addresses for the server to check. These IPs must be on the Service Console portgroup, or in the portgroup you’ve added for das.AllowNetwork

This is the time required before VMware HA considers a host to be Isolated.Default setting is 14 seconds, this can be changed to a setting that will better fit your needs.

This is the rate of monitoring between VMware HA nodes, think of this as a heartbeat check.
Default setting is 1 second, if you feel that this is just too often you can change it.


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