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Segmented Brocade Switch

Once in your lifetime you encounter that you have changed something in one SAN switch. And after a while you see that the other switch(es) where not connected to the switch where you made zoning changes.

If you join them again (fixed it by replacing an defective SFP that was the up-link to my changed switch) you’ll see in the CLI on the ISL port when you enter ‘switchshow’ that the ISL port gives “Segmented”.


To fix it (nicely) you must change both switches in a stats that both have OR the same config again OR you just clear the zoning on one switch (as it should be redundant).

BUT in most environments it’s not applicable  so:

1 Go to both switches via CLI.
2 Login
3 Disable the ISL port on one side (switch). (portdisable x)
4 Do a zoneshow on boths switches and capture the output.
5 Save the output to 2 different files.
6  Take Notepad++ (with the compare plugin installed)
7  Open the two files.
8 Go to Plugins > Compare > Compare (Alt-D).
9  In the most right screen you will see with green lines where there are differences.
10  Look them up, and change them in the zonig. In such a way that both switches have the same config again. (Remember that if you empty an alias in this process, the Save and Enable config will not proceed). With no error!
11 Go to the switch where the ISL port is disabled. (CLI)
12  Enable the port (portenable x).
13 You should now see the WWN from the other switch, with eventually ‘downwstream (or upstream)’. And also the switch name of the other side of the ISL.

All done!

Good luck.

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